A healthy lifestyle is one of the essential conditions of human existence—the negligence of this at any cost, especially for the kids, is unforgivable. From childhood, mental disorders and events in their lives shape them and become the core of their souls. It can last for a lifetime if not taken care of before it is too late. One’s outlook on life changes because of these reasons.

Children tend to have a fragile mindset where even a little bit of negligence can scar them for life. Trauma is not less than a parasite growing into one that keeps devouring the mind from within itself. In most cases, a child who has suffered from trauma or has fallen victim to violence ends up having a tough social life. That is why parents, who are incapable or struggle to understand their child’s mental condition, should seek professional help.

Frequently, childhood trauma and adversity are the roots of every disoriented teenager. They find themselves in a situation where they suffer silently, and depression becomes an unwanted guest. As parents, you would never want it for your kid, and that’s why the Dream Lighter decided to be a helping hand. The organization has been taking care of kids who had a difficult childhood and still doing the same for many other children. However, there is no work restriction to a specific area; they cover racial inequity, domestic violence, abuse, negligence, racism, and other issues that a child might encounter.

Apart from these, malnutrition, foster care, drug addiction, criminal justice involvement, suicide, homelessness, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the other issues that the Dream Lighter offers to take care of. Even though every human being at their tender age should be under protection from this entire catastrophe, many children from countries like the USA, Africa, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal suffer the most. There is an uncountable reason to blame and rectify to procure a safe environment for each of these kids, and it is only possible if everyone one of us comes forward and helps them.

Therefore, the Dream Lighter invites you to be a part of this endeavour and help to take care of the kids of the USA, Africa, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Our children need to be taken care of for a better mental & physical disposition despite the environment. The Dream Lighter mainly works in these countries, for now, but looking forward to expanding our work to other countries as well.


For a child’s proper upbringing, education plays the most crucial role.......

Food and Nutrition

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Fresh Water and Sanitation

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Child Abuse and Neglect

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A child’s health is easily the primary priority in parents’ lives. However,.......


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Child Labour

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For a child’s proper upbringing, education plays the most crucial role. Almost every kid who faced physical violence, unequal treatment, negligence, or racism, for instance, had been treated this way from the people who are ignorant of such crimes. A denied kid from his schooling at an early age often develops a problematic attitude in the future.

The Dream Lighter organization offers these kids a chance to learn excellent & bad things about life to change this scenario. They even provide a preschool program for these children to learn reading, writing, drawing, sports. Everything normal that children should learn at an early age, and it helps in building their confidence. We all know that children are the future of a strong nation. Hence, providing them proper education is not only essential but also mandatory.


However, many children who cannot receive education, the Dream Lighter want to bring them under the organization’s child’s well-being projects and provide them with the best possible schooling support. However, to be successful in such a task, we encourage you to join and carry it forward to put an end to a child’s hardship.


A child’s health is easily the primary priority in parents’ lives. However, how many kids do you think get proper healthcare treatment around the world? Well, the number is not only shocking but disturbing as well. For the kids who are victims of malnutrition, child labour, poverty, and many other things have not chosen their fate. Nevertheless, we live the reality.

Most kids from Africa, Bangladesh, and India live a life where a lack of food and healthcare provisions are just another problem that nobody thinks about profoundly. Even the necessary medical treatments are not provided to them. However, in the US, many families that are fully capable of proving their kids a proper healthcare routine often neglect the importance of children’s health insurance.

To address these situations, the Dream Lighter organization has arranged several programs where they can help the unprivileged kids of Bangladesh, India, and Nepal with the minimal healthcare arrangements and make an awareness of this issue to the families of the USA and Africa living in denial. Hence, you are welcome to join the team, and your support is much needed to make this work genuinely successful in all the respective countries.

Food and Nutrition

Malnutrition and lack of required food are related to different socio-economic aspects of other countries. Reports show that in many developing countries, about 37.9% of children under five years of age are victims of malnutrition, and in Africa itself, it is 27.4% of them. Due to a lack of money, efficient jobs, and many more aspects, parents fail to provide enough food for the whole family. The consequences are drastic, but it is never too late to make a change.

As an organization for childcare, we, Dream Lighter, provide food rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals, and enough clean water to these kids. Nothing is more precious than life. That’s why running enough campaigns is very important to make people aware of this situation. We offer help both directly and indirectly. The direct approach is straightforward. Providing food, shelter, water, and other basic needs and this help should be a continuous process.

To make such a considerable task successful, we need your support to stock up on foods and send them to these kids. After all, it is our responsibility to help these kids survive difficult conditions. To eradicate malnutrition from the face of the Earth, we need to be together on this journey.


Home is always the safest place for children. No matter how small or big it is, living with the family under a single roof is still the best comfort a child receives. However, not every single child is fortunate enough to experience such convenience. We provide shelter to the kids who are homeless and the victims of physical abuse and violence. Psychologically this is a big deal; because of it, they can become a destructive personality in the future.

Additionally, parents’ stress due to living in poor conditions can decipher into emotional and behavioral troubles in children. Children of compelling families to move continually because of several situations often struggle with mental health. In addition, parents paying too much attention to these problems tend to neglect the issues occurring in their child’s social life.

Therefore, the Dream Lighter organization’s dedication is to creating and implementing programs where kids with this issue can find comfort. We take full responsibility and recognize the inconvenience that these kids faced at a young age. From providing them foster homes to introducing them to their new homes, or counselling parents to create a better place for their child, we care for everything.

Fresh Water and Sanitation

The primary usage of sanitation and fresh water supply is limited to countries like Africa and India. As unfortunate as it is, most of these kids are habitual to living this way. However, this habit is no less than lethal bacteria living inside their body. If children get limited access to water, and their bodies are unable to hydrate, chances are very high that they will suffer from diarrhea, vicious infections, malnutrition, and other poisonous illnesses.

Clean water, conventional toilets, and essential hygiene maintenance are necessary for children’s survival and growth. Sadly, almost several 2.4 billion people tend to neglect, and 664 million do not access a good water source. Without these basic needs, a child can never have a decent transition. It is also the prime reason for the untimely demise.

To make the situation a little better, the Dream Lighter's water & sanitation team works in these countries to help these kids receive their fundamental rights. In these situations, children are more vulnerable than adults are, and the Dream Lighter responds and provides emergency relief to these children. Thus, if you care to be a part of this effort, the organization will be forever grateful to you.

Child Labour

In this over-pouring population of many countries in ratio with the availability of food, education, and basic needs to survive, child labour is still a burning issue. In countries like India, Bangladesh, and Africa, children are forced by the parents to work. In return, this drops the rate of education in the country, raising huge problems.

The solution to this problem is easy. As a community, we can provide food and raw materials to these children to make a change in their lives and survival with the help of your support. Then comes to education. The spread of knowledge in them raises the quality of their lives; as a chain reaction, it pulls society’s quality upwards. Before providing all of these, small campaigns are essential to spread awareness among those families.

A basic understanding of differentiation between child labour and an educated child is needed. In Africa and India, due to lack of facilities, children are getting deprived of their birthrights. As a product of this situation, we get a shallow society, which is no less than a time bomb. It is undeniable to ignore the importance of the abolition of the child labour crisis.

Child Abuse and Neglect

In the world of bullet trains and rat race just for survival, we have less time for our primary and personal priorities. Negligence is a by-product of this situation. Even in the 21st Century, child abuse is an issue, if not more than ever.

Children, growing up in the absence of parents, often become rigid, socially awkward, or uneasy and find it nearly impossible to socialize in their coming years. When negligence or abuse involves the process, it leaves them with trauma, depression, anxiety, and many unrecognizable mental conditions. Children are abused in homes, schools, tuition, and many places, and females are the primary victims in this case.

As solutions, the Dream Lighter counsels the parents to provide ample time to their children and prepare them to understand a child's thoughts. After any indication of such situations, parents should provide a healthy atmosphere, less tension and pressure to their children. Grooming, counselling, and short vacations are proven very helpful. We, therefore, provide needed care for the betterment of these children weeping for help. There is always time to start a healthy life or to cleanse unhealthy emotional conditions out of one’s mind.