Education, right from early childhood, is the key to curb all the malicious practices prevailing in our society. Though the global literacy report shows that 86% of the world’s population is literate, the count is quite low in under-developed countries in the western and central parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. In many countries, religion and social prejudices still rule over the lives of people. We have observed that the female literacy rate in the under-privileged families of third-world nations is below 75%. Early childhood education is often not essential for impoverished people. Poverty and lack of understanding of the importance of education encourage social evils like child labor, child marriage, domestic violence, and others.

We often come across a common notion among people in rural areas that a job is essential for children over education for their survival. It is the poverty of the family that drives children to work under extreme conditions. Education can be the voice of oppressed women and save them from daily torment. We even come across cases where girls leave their education during secondary school age. Some of them stop attending school as they get married early; some prefer to stay indoors to avoid social disapproval. But there are also cases where the girls stop coming to school after puberty because of hygiene issues.

Education is important for all, regardless of their gender. Governments have come up with several educational schemes for underprivileged children and women. Early education works as the pillar of a child’s character building. Whereas, bringing a woman into the light of education makes her a stronger personality and helps women empowerment. Education is the knowledge you need for your freedom; it is the light that helps in building leadership traits in women.

Women account for almost half of the world’s population. Hence, educating is the key to promoting health, hygiene, nutrition, and of course, the economic development of countries. It is now a proven fact that countries with a higher rate of literate women have a better economy than others.

Our Impact

Women Empowerment

Dream Lighter global organization has a firm belief in the ideology that education is the key to woman empowerment. We understand women need to come into the light of education to develop their self-identity. Women belonging to underprivileged families, rural and tribal areas are the main sufferers of the misfortune of not getting a proper education. Governments are taking honest initiatives to educate women, but they fail to reach every remote corner. Our team of volunteers works closely with Governments and journey to significant areas to make people aware of the importance of educating women. We also provide Governments with infrastructural support, like developing schools in rural areas and giving experienced teachers for educational support. Urbanization has played a vital role in our favor. With urbanization, more and more women are coming into the light of knowledge and education.

Early childhood education

A child’s character develops right from early childhood. Education is essential, even for a toddler. Dream Lighter has opened primary and secondary schools to provide children from poverty-stricken areas with proper guidance. We motivate the family members by providing the children with a one-time healthy meal. So, with our infrastructural support, a child gets not only proper education but also stays healthy. We take care of the sanitary condition in the schools to ensure that young girls don’t drop out in their secondary years.

Apart from providing infrastructural support, our team of volunteers also organize several campaigns to make people aware of the Governments’ educational schemes. We visit families and make them understand how and why education is important for males and females alike.

Join Hands With Us

Dream Lighter global organization is reaching every remote corner of the world and working with Governments to increase the literacy rate in the under-developed countries. We allocate funds for developing a good infrastructure for schooling purposes. We need more support than ever to give our mission a taste of success. We urge you to join hands with us, become a volunteer or donate to spread the light of education in every corner of the world.