While we are concerned about the rising domestic violence, poverty, and illiteracy in third world countries, proper nutrition and health continue as troublesome issues worldwide. Not everybody is aware of the benefits of consuming a nutritious diet. The majority of the rural world population consumes carbohydrates like rice, wheat, or corn mash as their staple. Most of them fail to avail regular supply of protein in their diet like fish, meat, and green vegetables.

Data collected in 2019 show that nearly 11% of the global population, i.e., 820 million people suffer from malnourishment. WHO factsheet as of 1st April 2020 says 462 million people are underweight in total. The count of wasted children and those with stunted growth goes to 47 million and 144 million respectively. 45% of the children globally dying under 5 years are malnourished. Our world is currently facing a severe malnourishment burden in its social, economic, and developmental sectors. The effects of malnutrition are long-lasting and are causing serious damage to millions of families and individuals. Even communities don’t get spared.

While we might consider being underweight as a severe consequence of malnourishment, obesity has proved to be otherwise. Nearly 1.9 billion without proper nutrition suffer from obesity, and 38.3 million out of these are children. While the underweight condition is responsible for stunted growth and even death, being obese leads to several physical challenges and chronic diseases.

In short, our body needs nutrients in adequate quantity to maintain a healthy life. Both over and under consumption of nutrients can be harmful to us. For the impoverished people of underdeveloped countries, we see a constant inadequacy of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals in their regular diet. Of course, poverty is the main reason behind such a situation, but ignorance is another substantial cause. People are not aware of the values each of the micronutrients add to our health. Women of all are the most ignorant about their consumption of healthy meals. The condition gets worse for expecting mothers. We often see newborns suffering from malnourishment because of a lack of iodine and other nutrients.

One or more forms of malnutrition impact every country. Women, children, adolescents, and infants, particularly fall under the risk zone. People are mostly unaware of the effects of malnutrition in society. Poverty further amplifies the risk of malnourishment. In turn, malnutrition leads to an increase in costs adhering to healthcare, reducing productivity and economic growth, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and ill-health.

Our Impact

Dream Lighter is organizing several campaigns to educate people in rural areas about the importance of proper nutrition. We provide women with healthcare facilities and guidance on practicing healthy dietary habits. We guide them on a nutrition chart so that the kids get proper nutrition growing up. Our volunteers organize shelter camps for impoverished people, distributing food, water, and requisite medicines. Kids studying our education get assured nutritious diet containing eggs, milk, cakes, and fruits. We ensure that our rescue center children are always cared for with an ideal balance of food and nutritio

Join Hands With Us

Dream Lighter global organization is working hard towards providing people from third world nations with proper food and nutrition. We thrive to improve their lifestyles and conduct awareness campaigns to make people conscious about the ill-effects of micronutrient deficiency. But our efforts will go wasted without your support. We need more youth and philanthropists to come forward and join hands with us. Donate to bring a new smile to the innocent faces of suffering people.