We are in a global crisis where freshwater and sanitation are still not accessible by 100% of the world population.

While the world has substantially progressed in providing the vast population with clean and potable water, freshwater and sanitation still remain a considerable problem for many globally, especially in rural areas. Billions of people in third-world countries are still deprived of their essential needs – the supply of clean drinking water. Did you know, one-third of the water population doesn’t have access to potable water? Nearly two-fifths of the population don’t have access to mere hand washing facilities. Even in 2020, almost 673 million people from third-world countries execute open defecation practices!

In today’s world, post-Covid-19, we are highly aware of the necessity of sanitation and clean water for frequent handwashing and maintaining a place’s hygiene. Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases that spread through contamination. Yet, the global population lacks improved sanitary conditions and clean water supply. In fact, there is a lack of funds for infrastructural support for improving hygienic conditions and improving the supply of fresh water.

On the one hand, there is a shortage of clean water, and on the other, the lack of education and awareness about hygiene in the third-world countries turns the situation even worse.

UN scientists say, by 2030, there will be a severe shortage of freshwater resources by 40% around the world. With the increasing count of world population, this is likely to raise a water crisis situation globally.

It’s time to seek a solution for global sanitation and clean water issues.

Governments of different nations and the UN have taken steps to prevent water wastage and spread awareness about the necessity of hygiene and sanitation. Movements are going on globally to incorporate water recycling and safe waste disposal processes. If we can raise enough voice, we will be able to make the political leaders hear our voices and bring about changes in the system. The Covid-19 has already made people aware of the importance of hygiene and the need for fresh water for handwashing. Volunteers are working to reach out to people who are oblivious to safe waste disposal processes, making them aware of sanitation and the global water crisis. Once such activities work out successfully, there will be a reduced death rate from waterborne diseases, and more people will have access to safe potable water.

Join Hands With Us

Dream Lighter is organizing campaigns regarding sanitation and freshwater problems. Our volunteers are reaching out to the people in the remote areas of third-world countries and spreading awareness about the importance of hygiene. We need your help to connect with more people around the globe. We provide people from remote villages with fresh potable water every day. Join our team of volunteers and provide more people with fresh water for drinking and cleaning purposes. Donate for the healthy life people suffering from the water crisis.