On 3rd April 2020, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) demonstrated Coronavirus’s global impact on society. Since the onset of the Pandemic, the global population has suffered drastically. Older people during a Coronavirus attack are more susceptible to contamination by the Virus. Under these circumstances, we need to deduce how to help our older population during the Coronavirus.

Many non-profit organizations and charitable trusts are working towards the cause of aiding the senior citizens in times of distress.

COVID-19 and its effects on senior citizens

COVID-19 has distinctly changed our course of lives by introducing the “new normal” social distancing norms.

While we face the challenge of continuing our daily activities, the elderly COVID-19 experience is even worse. 

According to the experts, the severity of COVID-19 illness rises with age. The elderly are always at higher risk with higher chances of admission to hospitals, I.C.U., or even ventilation.

The safety guidelines by W.H.O requires seniors to stay indoors unless it is an emergency. They are the real unfortunate victims of social distancing. The majority of them lack the knowledge of digital modes of connection and social media. Hence, they are finding it challenging to stay connected with their friends and family members.

The social effects of COVID-19

The social distancing has its consequences on the older population. Apart from their existing diseases, many have become victims of depression, fear psychosis, anxiety, and above all, loneliness.

The effects of the disease

The majority of the population above the age of 60 already had minor ailments like diabetes or myocardial disorders, or simple blood pressure. The Coronavirus is said to have higher effects on such patients. Thus, the lives of the elderly people are under constant threat.

How to keep the senior citizens protected from the Coronavirus?

We understand that COVID poses a higher threat to senior citizens. The major norms that they need to follow to stay protected are-

  • Social distancing
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Proper consumption of daily medicines
  • Staying indoors

Of all these, staying indoors is the biggest challenge the seniors are facing today. They need to leave their houses for getting te bare essentials like toiletries, household items, groceries, and medicines.

Our society’s young blood needs to step out of their homes to help older people during COVID-19

Many non-profit organizations like Dream Lighters are working actively for the welfare of senior citizens. They have formed teams who are delivering essentials to the seniors’ doorsteps. They need more than just groceries for their survival. The units provide home delivery of all essentials from toiletries and groceries to medicines to all older New York populations.

Other ways to keep the older population healthy

By restricting the seniors to their homes and supplying them with essentials, the volunteers are already keeping them safe from COVID-19. But they need more protection. They need to be protected against other health hazards as well. 

The by-product health hazards of the Pandemic, i.e., stress and panic attacks, are more detrimental.

Here we have listed a few activities that young volunteers and family members of the senior citizens can follow to keep them healthy.

  • Run errands for the senior citizens restricting their movements to their homes.
  • Visit the seniors frequently to keep them company, maintain all social distancing norms, and wear proper protective gear.
  • Equip the seniors of your family with guidelines for digital communication.
  • Ensure that the communities and residences of these seniors get regular sanitation.

Of all these points, the family members need to stay in touch with the seniors. Be it a digital mode or in-person, communication keeps the seniors stress-free. Keeping them happy is the best way to provide support for older people during COVID-19.

Join hands in supporting the senior citizens during COVID-19

Dream Lighters are fighting tirelessly to protect the older population from the wrath of the Coronavirus. They are providing them with medical aid, grocery, protective gear, and essential items delivery. You are requested to join your hands for the cause of senior citizens as well. Join the team and extend your COVID-support for the communities.

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