Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, we face stringent social norms in our ways of outdoor activities. For an extended period, we were under complete lockdown. Social distancing is now a mandate in our regular life. People need safe outdoor activities during the Coronavirus Pandemic to keep their sanity.

While it is difficult to perform different activities outdoor while maintaining the social distancing norms, it is not impossible. 

Of course, you need to maintain a minimum distance from others participating with you. But, if you choose safe outdoor activities, the chances of contamination are less. 

Why do you need to join outdoor activities during the Coronavirus?

The majority of us, staying in urban areas, are under higher threat of contamination, even when we stay indoors. No matter how airy your apartment is, the air circulation is not very strong. You are mostly inhaling stale air. 

It can lead to health issues apart from the COVID-19. If you are not getting engaged in any outdoor activity, you are slowly bound to become obese and face health problems. Many are already suffering from depression, Vitamin D deficiency, anxiety, etc.

To keep your sanity and stay healthy, one must step outside their homes and think of safe outdoor activities. You need to choose options that don’t involve crowd gathering or close playing.

Top 5 outdoor activity tips during the Pandemic of 2021

Are you looking for safe outdoor activities during the COVID-19? Not sure which one will be good for your health and keep you protected from the virus?

When you plan outdoor activities, you need to keep in mind the social distancing norms. Avoid going on long journeys as they may require you to use the restroom while filling up the gas.

Here we have 5 best outdoor activities you can try during the COVID-19 lockdown phase.

1. A calming amidst nature:

It is probably the best option to go for a walk in nature where the crowd of people is low. You have a lesser chance of coming face-off with anybody when you are walking on lonely trails. 

Walking in the green has several health benefits too. The greenery helps to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety, the fresh air elevates your mood, and the sun gives you natural Vitamin D.

2. Safe running:

Running is a good exercise for you in these tried times. While the gymnasiums are still closed, running is useful in providing cardio work-outs to a person. 

If you are running in a city, there are always chances of running into somebody else on the way. So, you need to take proper precautions beforehand. The best way to avoid the crowd is to go on running in a non-peak hour of the day. Either go very early morning runs or run in the evening. 6 AM or 4 PM running is never encouraged.

Always carry your mask and sanitizer with you. If you see someone approaching, don’t forget to put on your mask immediately. The same process applies if you feel like sneezing.

3. Explore the town:

Exploring the town and visiting some unseen places can be an exciting day out option during the Pandemic. Find out sites that you have not covered in your city and pay a visit. Ensure you choose a less crowded area for your day visit. 

Walking through off-the-beaten-track is the best way to keep you calm. These places are mostly scenic and help you feel refreshed.

4. Encourage outdoor rope jumping:

Rope jumping is good exercise during the Coronavirus. But it can be tricky to jump in a small apartment. You need to go outdoors for this activity. If your house has a small backyard, nothing can be better than that.

Since this is a single work-out procedure, you are safe from contamination. While you work out in a secured manner, you gain ankle stability and strengthen your wrist muscles.

5. Bike Riding:

Bike riding is again a solo activity and is 100% safe. But, if you live in a crowded city area, you must have your mask on all the time while riding the bike. This keeps you safe and prevents the spread of the virus.

However, if you are cycling on a nature track, remove your mask and fill your lungs with fresh air. It is refreshing and secured. The natures always heal.

Other means of safe outdoor activities

Exercising is, no doubt, the best outdoor activity to try under the COVID-19 situation. Maintaining your health has never been more critical. But there are other activities you can try if you have a house with moderate sized-backyard or garden-

  • Backyard camping and grill
  • Gardening 

You can also go out on a solo hiking tour to remote areas.

How to stay safe while you are outdoors?

If you are bothered about the spread of COVID-19 while you are outdoors, you can adapt these different ways to stay safe.

  • Wear a mask at all times except running and hiking
  • Carry a hand sanitizer
  • Avoid going to crowded places
  • Don’t ever shake hands with known people on the road


Staying indoors can turn you depressed. The world is currently facing this as a significant issue in our society during the COVID-19 quarantine days. If you don’t want to be a victim of the situation, you need to take steps out, get some fresh air, and return.

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