Since the outbreak of COVID-19, or rather, since March 2020, the entire world has gone under lockdown. With the onset of the Coronavirus Quarantine rules, all of us are facing the new normal, i.e., social distancing. Staying indoors for a long time, working from home, and not traveling out can make you feel suffocated and turn you insane. So, how to stay sane during Coronavirus Quarantine?

Probably the best suggestion in this situation to keep your sanity will be to stay positive. Being under a panic attack will not help you relax, even when you are isolated.

10 Ways to enjoy your quarantine days

As you stay positive, you can do these 10 things to keep your sanity during the quarantine days.

1. Restrict your intake of daily news:

News can be depressing at times. Too much of news on COVID or world disaster can lead to stress. On the other hand, updates on scientific inventions, discoveries, sports, or similar can spread a positive vibe in the environment. This can cheer you up and make you feel relieved.

Filtering and restricting the intake of stressing news can be a great way to maintain a healthy life while you are under quarantine.

2. Make a daily activity schedule:

How do you plan to spend your time in quarantine? The majority will be spending their quarantine days by sleeping, watching the news over T.V., or maybe by working from home. It is always good to prepare a schedule for various activities instead of wasting your precious time sleeping or lazing at home.

Why don’t you try doing something creative? Start with a new daily routine for yourself.

Of course, your daily activity starts with a fixed time for waking up. Try setting hours of your day for regular exercise and meditation. Dedicate specific hours of the day to indulge in your hobbies and passion.

3. Exercise and meditation:

Exercise and meditation are not only responsible for keeping your sanity during COVID quarantine days. These are highly important to maintain good health during these tried days.

While exercising keeps you healthy as a horse, meditation helps you to relax. You can always try some immunity booster exercises to prepare your body to fight against the Coronavirus.

4. Cleaning and organization:

In the pre-COVID days, you might have neglected your home a bit during hectic office schedules. But now, you have all the time to clean, organize, and redecorate your room.

Did you know, studies say cleaning is therapeutic? Cleaning and organizing not only keep you busy, but they also impart a sense of satisfaction. When you see a sparkling clean room, it develops a feel-good-factor in your mind.

5. Get some fresh air:

People, in general, have a misconception of staying indoors for the entire quarantine or lockdown phase. Social distancing norms never ask you to stay in-doors for the full time. People staying behind the doors for 24×7 are likely to grow bored and depressed.

Going out and getting some fresh air is not only good for your health but also essential to keep your mood refreshed.

6. Keep the distance but stay social:

Becoming unsocial, yet another misconception during quarantine days. Staying alone at a house and not socializing with people can slowly turn you insane. Don’t become the victim of that situation.

Human beings are social creatures, so it’s essential to regularly communicate with friends, family, relatives, and even colleagues.

If you are under lockdown and can’t meet people face-to-face, try online communication modes. Social media platforms are always there for you to express yourself and make friends.

7. Accept the fact that the “New Normal” is inevitable:

Nobody likes the idea of social distancing, home quarantine, or isolation phase. But this is the “new normal,” and it’s unavoidable.

Let’s not get demotivated by this fact. You need to understand that this is just a temporary phase for the good of humankind. As soon as you accept this fact, coping up becomes more comfortable.

8. Try something new:

The Coronavirus quarantine phase has provided us with an excellent opportunity to learn new things. With the increasing number of online learning platforms, you can always join classes while you are at home.

Think of activities that you always wanted to learn and set sail on a new journey. You can learn new languages or maybe a stringed instrument.

9. Relax with movies:

COVID has provided an ideal time for relaxation. Take a day off and treat yourself to great movies and T.V. series.

10. Don’t be hard on yourself:

Many of us have lost our jobs and are currently unemployed. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. Try to accept that this was never your fault, and the situations will turn once the Pandemic is over.

Believing things will be better soon helps us stay sane and focused.


Dream Lighters is fighting with the COVID-19 outbreak in all possible ways. They are always there to assist you with protective gear or medical support. Staying sane and healthy during the quarantine days is the best way to support the COVID fighters around you.

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