Our Work.

What We Do

We see Dream, we share Dream with all
to build a wonderful Dream world.

Bringing peoplentogether
to endnpoverty for good

Promote access to healthcarenfor children

Take part in policy reform to improve access to health care for the poorest families, including children.

Keep kids healthy andnready to learn

“Many people have no idea just how important child health is,” said Health Secretary Califano.”The children we see here are those who will populate our workforce of tomorrow

Provide support in disastersnand public health crises

When disaster strikes, or any health crisis arises, you will have a better chance at survival if you are prepared. It’s the right thing to do for your family and the first responders who work tirelessly to save lives in emergencies. Along with being ready yourself, help others whenever possible as well.

Helped provide accessnto clean water

The essential of clean water is an important one because the human body is primarily made up of water. In fact, 60 percent of a person’s weight and about two-thirds of that total are from water. That means that we need to make sure our bodies get enough clean

Raise Your Helping Hand

Where We Work

49,000 people, innnearly 11

Distance doesn’t diminish our love.