Due to the rising crime and maltreatment rate of people worldwide, human rights and legal aid support have become essential for everyone. Violence against women and child abuse is now a common topic of discussion everywhere. Every day we come across news of women and child abduction, molestation, and lack of legal support in third world countries. Violence is now a recurring problem for our society. The situation is further worsening as the majority of people from remote areas of these underdeveloped countries are still oblivious about their social and legal rights.

Though the Governments are extending their aid with new social protection schemes, very few have the knowledge of the same. The low literacy rate in the impoverished countries is the major reason behind their oblivious attitude. Many of them don’t even have access to proper healthcare facilities. The authorities often refuse them their human rights of legal support when they seek justice.

Children and women had been the victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse for years. Their voices go unheard because of their lack of knowledge about their legal rights. Child abduction and organ trafficking, ill-treatment of children in factories, these are global issues. Their fading smile deserves justice.

NGOs and non-profit organizations like us are working closely with the Governments to reach out to these people and bring them to the light of legitimate services.

Our Impact

Dream Lighter global organization works closely with the impoverished and oppressed people from rural areas of third world countries. We offer them legal counseling and guidance on fighting the ill-practices they face from society and their employers. We educate women and children about their human and legal rights, government healthcare, and education schemes. Our target is to become the voice of these deprived people and lead them to justice.

Our team of volunteers journey to the remote corners of the globe to educate people about their legal rights. We organize campaigns to offer legal counsel to the oppressed and tortured. We help deprived people with all kinds of support from healthcare to file complaints.

We provide the oppressed and harassed people with shelter, food, water, medicine, and other essentials and help them recover from their trauma. Once they recover with medical aid, we help with legal support to fight for their social rights as a human. Our services are extended for men, women, children, and seniors alike.

Join Hands With Us

Dream Lighter global organization is working tirelessly towards the well-being of people. Fight for their human rights and providing legal aid is not a simple task. We need more people to fight for our cause. We urge you to join hands with us and donate to bring a smile to the faces of oppressed and deprived people/